About Us

The Regional Church of Lancaster County (RCOLC) was established as a network of Christian congregational, marketplace, and ministry leaders dedicated to the growth of God’s Kingdom in Lancaster County through relational partnership.

In January of 2015 RCOLC held a county-wide gathering of leaders with the goal of engaging a new team of leaders who would bring fresh vision, clear focus, and multi-generational perspective to RCOLC. The result was a new leadership team with a continued focus on relationships and a new emphasis on communication. In June of 2016, a gathering was held to introduce the new team and share the continuation of the mission:

Mission Statement: Linking the Body of Christ in a trusted network of faith for the mission of the Gospel of Christ.

Along with a renewed mission statement the new name REACH was introduced with the meaning we would be united in our pursuit of reaching  up to God and reaching out to others for the advancement of the gospel.