Letter From Keith Yoder

A Letter Discussing the Pursuit of the Spiritual Well Being of Lancaster County:

“On May 26, 2016, I had the privilege of attending the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet. At the beginning of the program, the Chamber creatively employed the metaphor of music to indicate how collaboration is essential to making a better community. The appeal of the presentation was for Business, Education, and Government to work together as a community to make Lancaster County prosperous. It was a compelling and powerful presentation.

As I considered the presentation an obvious element of prosperity and community well-being was missing—the spiritual aspect of life. Just as there is a need for active partnership and sharing of ideas to advance economic prosperity, God works through partnership and testimony to stimulate the spiritual health of the region. Just as John, the Apostle, prayed for the collective church to whom he wrote, we also know that people prosper and are in health as their soul prospers (III John 2).

There is a great need for cooperation, coordination, and communication regarding the soul of our city and county. Most endeavors suffer to the extent that they do not have a sustainable and robust communication vehicle. As the stewardship of the spiritual well-being of Lancaster County transitions to a new season, it is crucial that the communication niche be filled with passionate and energetic vision and implementation.

How important it is that we are Linking the Body of Christ in a trusted network of faith for the mission of the gospel of Christ in Lancaster County.

Before us is great potential to contribute to the transformation of Lancaster County through spiritual transformation that results in societal transformation. God is at work; God is in charge. God is calling for those who will collect, communicate and celebrate what God is doing so that members of the Body of Christ in our region may collaboratively conceive and catalyze the work God has for our hands to do in all spheres of daily life (Psalm 90:17).

Respectfully submitted,

Keith E. Yoder, May 27, 2016