What is the essence of partnership?  How do we engage in partnership fruitfully?

The apostle Paul opened his heart in Philippians 4:10-20 in a way that shows us many important dimensions of mutual giving and receiving.  Paul indicated that the church in Philippi was the only one, “in the beginning of the gospel,” that partnered with him in giving and receiving.

Their relationship was characterized by joy, contentment, sharing in times of distress, giving as worship to God, God supplying for both parties, and glory to God.  The oft repeated promise, “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus,” is declared in the context of a culture of partnership.

Partnership is a foundational element of the church; it is foundational to service with Christ in the Kingdom.  John 15:4-8 is a picture of abiding in partnership with Christ.  Abiding is depending upon Christ just as a branch depends upon the vine for life.  Through the oneness of that relationship we are fruitful, our God-given desires are fulfilled, and the Father is glorified.

Relational partnership is built on the foundation of well-established relationships that can now bear the load of partnership endeavors and challenges.  “We’re better together” is the way one ministry states their vision.

RCOLC is called to Kingdom partnership. Our mission is to Pray, Witness, Love, and Protect the well being of the church for the extension of the Kingdom of God in Lancaster County. To accomplish our mission requires mutual faith, mutual honor, mutual service, and mutual sacrifice.

As we pursue our mission it is wise to evaluate and embrace every relationship by discerning “With whom and in what ways would the Lord have us partner for His Kingdom?”  As partners we are asking two complementary questions: “How would the Lord have us assist you in Kingdom service?” and “How would the Lord have you assist us in Kingdom service?”

Partnership may be expressed in the sharing of time, skills, intercession, resources, wisdom, counsel, encouragement, agreement, affirmation, and so forth.

As we mutually consider the possibilities of partnership in relationship to RCOLC, we also pray that the principle of partnership and the questions above will help leaders to weigh how the Lord would have them partner with others within their sphere of influence.


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